NMR Facility - Chemistry Department

Acquiring NMR data from an unfamiliar nucleus can be daunting. It helps to have a good default parameter set and some handy working knowledge from an NMR periodic table, but it’s even better to have a simple menu choice on an automated instrument.

400-1 is now set up to acquire 7Li NMR spectra in automation. This means anyone authorized to use NMR here can put a sample in the 400-1 carousel and dial up acquisition of spectra from a series of nuclei: 1H, 13C, 19F, 11B, 31P, and now 7Li without even having to select spectral widths, offsets or tune the probe for different nuclei. Just tell the instrument to do it, then walk away and wait for your data to come rolling in!

If you aren’t yet familiar with 400-1 operation, just stop by Searle and ask. Everyone in the NMR facility system *should* have an account on it, and it takes about three minutes to learn if you already know how to operate an NMR instrument manually.

Here are the current default 7Li parameters, developed with guidance from this site:
SW = 28.0 ppm, O1P = -2.0 ppm (range = -16 to +12 pm), D1=3.0, AQ=3.0, NS=1, DS=0, PULPROG=ZG30 (30° tip angle)
This parameter set does NOT involve 1H decoupling. If you’d like 7Li WITH decoupling, please let me know and I’ll add it.

So you have an example, here’s a spectrum of LiCl I acquired in automation. Yes, LiCl isn’t very interesting, but it shows proof of principle. Bring your own lithium-containing sample and see what you get!

LiCl 7Li NMR