NMR Facility - Chemistry Department


Lab policies and helpful links

Laboratory policies

Signup rules – how long you can use a given instrument at a given time

Autosampler sample management – rules for handling other people’s samples in the carousel and sample racks

Data Availability

How do you get your data from the spectrometer computer to your laptop?

Recharge Rates

Spectrometer time must be paid for. How much?

Searle Support Lab

The Searle NMR lab features a connecting support facility with a lab bench, fume hood, sink, and cabinets for safe storage of acids and organic solvents. This is PERFECT for anyone who need to run a titration or start a reaction for monitoring in an NMR spectrometer.

Course: Introduction to NMR

Geared primarily for first- and second-year graduate students in Organic Chemistry, the main objectives of the NMR course are to:
• transform students into expert NMR assignment ninjas
• build awareness of non-routine NMR techniques that may help them in their research endeavors