NMR Facility - Chemistry Department

Recharge Rates

Applicable to all UChicago clients. External users should contact the facility manager for rates


  • All usage is billed by time used, as determined either by
    • Automated instruments (400-1, 400-2): the accounting tool of Bruker’s Icon-NMR software
    • Manually-operated instruments: Linux login/logout records. Reservations are not currently considered when calculating usage.
  • Rates do not depend on instrument, experiment type, time of day, or individual experiment duration.
  • Hourly EPR rates are the same as NMR rates.
  • Training labor is not billed.
  • Billing is done quarterly.
  • Rates depend on total usage during the billed quarter.


0-25 Hours $35/Per Hour
26-50 Hours $27.50/Per Hour
51-75 Hours $20/Per Hour
76-100 Hours $17.50/Per Hour
100-200 Hours $15/Per Hour
200+ Hours $10/Per Hour


Industrial Rates:

Instrument time $100 / hr
Staff setup in autosampler $20 / batch
Staff time $200 / hr