NMR Facility - Chemistry Department

Training - Intensive

Facility staff provide training on request for a number of different data acquisition techniques, some of which are described below. Click this text to email the facility manager and request training.

Explicit training is required for any experiments above or below room temperature


Variable Temperature ("VT") Operation


You’ll be shown how to regulate sample temperature above or below room temperature (whichever you need). The actual sample temperature can be as much as 20 °C different from the value the system indicates, so you will be shown how to set your target temperature accurately. For operation below room temperature, you will be shown how to hook up the liquid nitrogen VT accessory to provide cold VT gas.

PRACTICAL: Training will be conducted on the first sample for which you need to do “VT”. Please coordinate with the facility manager to schedule a block of AT LEAST TWO HOURS to conduct the experiment with training. 

Diffusion / DOSY

NMR can be used to measure diffusion constants of particles, including molecules, polymers, noncovalently associated assemblies, etc. When absolute accuracy is not required, one can visualize diffusion constants of the different components of mixtures using the Diffusiuon-Ordered SpectroscopY (DOSY) technique.

Diffsion/DOSY NMR training takes approximately 1-2 hours.

"No-D" NMR

Want to take a spectrum on a sample without deuterated solvent? Try No-D NMR! It’s a little tricky, but you can learn how to do it on any manually-operated spectrometer in about 10-15 minutes.Under certain circumstances, you can even take some spectra in automation this way. Engage the facility manager in a dialog to discuss solutions to your needs.

Consulting and Collaboration

Have a scientific problem and don’t know whether or how to apply NMR to solve it? Contact the facility manager! We’ll explore your questions, do some reality checks, and develop a plan. For work that involves a high degree of technical NMR skill, the manager may be available for collaboration.