NMR Facility - Chemistry Department

Managers' Corner

Information of interest to other NMR facility managers
  • Equipment for sale / giveaway
  • Facility infrastructure
  • Facility operational tools

Surplus equipment

We have a lot of old equipment and parts to give away. We are interested in selling some some items, but others we will give away to colleagues who will pay for shipping.

Facility specs:

  • All spectrometers are supported by house nitrogen gas, ~94 psi
  • All spectrometers (consoles and computers, but not VT chillers) are backed up by uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) that should provide 30+ min of reserve operation. We have five units of the same model, TrippLite SU8000RT3U1TF. The power distribution module supports both 110 V and 208 V output up to 20 A and 30 A, respectively.